Taylor Lake Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Sunday Morning

Our Sunday morning worship services are an opportunity for us to meet together as a group to praise God and to provide strength and encouragement in our Christian journey.

What should I wear?
You will fit in at Taylor Lake Christian Church no matter what you wear--some of our members prefer Hawaiian shirts and jeans while others prefer slacks and jackets.

What is available for my children?
Nursery care is provided for children birth through 3 years old during all Sunday morning activities.

Children's Church is offered during the worship service for ages 4 and up. Children will be given the opportunity to follow workers to our children's church area before the sermon, for age-appropriate worship.

What should I expect in the worship service?

Call to Worship:  This is a time to focus our attention on God.  Our call to worship typically involves singing songs and reading from the Bible.

Greeting:  We don't ask our visitors to stand up or to identify themselves, but we like to provide an opportunity for guests as well as members to meet and welcome those who are seated near them.

Music: We praise God in traditional and contemporary hymns, through both instrumental and vocal music.

Prayer: It is our privilege to bring praise, thanksgiving, confession and requests to God in times of prayer.

Communion:  On the night that Jesus Christ was betrayed, He ate dinner with his disciples telling them about His upcoming death and asking them to "do this in remembrance of Me".  As disciples we celebrate this, the Lord's Supper, each Sunday.  We observe "open communion" which means that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome to participate regardless of church affiliation.  We will either pass a plate of bread and a plate of juice which, after meditation, you can eat/drink at your seat, or we will provide bread and juice at the front of the church--if you wish to participate you are invited to come forward and dip the bread in the juice and return to your seat.

Offering: We collect an offering to support the work of our church as well as missions work in our country and around the world. This portion of the service is intended only for those who consider Taylor Lake Christian Church to be their "church home"- guests are not expected to contribute.

Sermon:  The sermon attempts to address our human needs and questions in the light of what is written in the Bible.

Taylor Lake Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
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