Taylor Lake Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Disciples of Christ

Our church partners with a larger group of congregations across America and throughout the world known as the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

The 3,000 churches in America affiliated with the Christian Church are congregationally run. This means each church makes its own decisions and has charge over its own affairs. As churches, we pledge ourselves to each other in a covenant of love, working together to do what individually we could never do alone.

Our work as a denomination is wide. We support over 20,000 people daily in day-care or over-night treatment facilities for the elderly, orphaned, abused, physically or mentally handicapped and underprivileged persons. We support 16 colleges and 4 seminaries. Our missionaries and works of compassion and self-help stretch around the globe.

Our beliefs are centered in Jesus Christ, proclaimed Lord and Savior of the world. Our faith in Jesus Christ draws us together. We refuse to draw further lines of doctrine or belief, believing that such distinguishing divides Christians. Rather than exclude those who believe differently, we welcome all people, believing that through careful dialogue, listening and mutual respect, we grow in our own understanding of the faith and the world in which we live. We take seriously Jesus' commandment: "Love One Another." Through loving acceptance of all, we live out his command.

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