Taylor Lake Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

TLCC Staff


Madella Williams
Senior Minister


Hometown:  Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Favorite hobby(s):  fishing, reading

Favorite food:  lasagna

Best part of 2020:  “Being challenged to do the Church Services in a different way”


Jennifer Cloyd
Children/Youth Director


Hometown:  Odessa, Texas (early childhood)

Favorite hobby(s):  reading, outside yardwork, helping kids with school events.

Favorite food:  Italian food

Best part of 2020:  “Spending more time with children – schools had virtual learning at home.”


Choir Director


Hometown:  Sheffield, Pennsylvania

Favorite hobby(s):  fishing, golf

Favorite food:  “Anything that moves! – grilling”

Best part of 2020:  “I survived it!”



Andrea Warren


Hometown:  Aransas Pass, Texas

Favorite hobby:  Zumba

Favorite food:  chocolate

Best part of 2020:  “It was a good change of pace – Don’t sweat the small stuff.”



Dee Womersley
Hometown:  Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Favorite hobby(s):  crafting, sewing -

Favorite food:  lamb 

Best part of 2020:  “Being able to travel to Port Elizabeth, South Africa to attend my mother’s wedding and being able to spend time with family that I hadn’t seen in about 20 years.”

In Ae Jennings
Nursery Attendant
Hometown:  South Korea

Favorite Hobbies:  cooking, garden, sewing.

Favorite food:  “Everything, esp. rice cakes”

Best part of 2020:
  We made it through 2020!                                       

Rose Holbrook
Nursery Attendant

Hometown:  Sicily, Italy

Favorite Hobbies:  gardening, crafting

Favorite food: “Anything Italian”

Best part of 2020:  “Realizing how much l miss seeing family in New York”


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